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Not So Far Away


I look at things throughout my life,
And the distance seems so far,
But then I think of the night time sky,
And I’m among those distant stars,
My eyes can clearly see them,
I see their twinkling light,
Suns to light the darkness,
To break up the deep dark night.
We know they’re millions of miles away,
But with hearts we hold them close,
And in the silence and shadows,
What emotions mean most,
Those stars are something we can not touch,
Yet our sight tells us that they’re real,
And applying that logic to things inside,
To the aspects I truly feel.
Love may seem so far away,
A dream I can not touch,
Unlike the stars it can’t be seen,
So why do I feel so much,
An emotion that can not be seen,
Yet I feel it every day,
And like the stars we always see,
It’s presence has much to say.
It’s really easy to comprehend,
The things illuminated by all I see,
But why do I feel this way each day,
Are there stars inside of me,
When the darkness takes the sky,
And those stars are shining bright,
Can they embrace a broken heart,
Does love become it’s light.
Some dreams are like those stars above,
So far away but still they’re seen,
And as I struggle towards their light,
Do we wander somewhere between,
Are my dreams some falling stars,
When broken do they fall,
Or are these dreams stars that remain,
That beckon with a silent call.
Love can become that twinkling star,
For me it’s adopted that role,
And like a star I can not touch,
It doesn’t leave a hole,
Is a dream impossible to reach,
In a night that becomes my day,
And with that dream I hold inside,
Love’s not that far away.

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