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The Only Light

To Marcy Howard

The sun most times, lights the sky,
Yet darkness lives in the night,
And though they play, an equal part,
As opposites, they always fight,
Many things can light a life,
Yet many things, can take it away,
While darkness, can exist inside,
When nothings left, to light the day.
Sanity holds on, by a thread,
A tentative hold, at best,
The heart and mind the examiners,
As each day, becomes a test,
There’s only one thing, left to hold,
As the heart, takes options away,
And each day becomes the hell,
We lived through, yesterday.
One woman turned on the light,
While another, made it brighter,
And all but love, has burned down,
As the heart becomes a fighter,
Love becomes the only thing,
That can brighten up this hearts night,
Love becomes the only thing to hold to,
And love becomes, the only light.
    Only you.



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