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Around Change


Change can become a monster,
If it becomes an integral part of life,
Because a life that is constantly changing,
Wields temporary as knife,
It becomes difficult to maintain relationships,
To make them last over periods of time,
People and possessions slowly become,
The products of our own crime.
Life becomes entrances and exits,
That revolving door inside the soul,
And all the things we cherish most,
In the person create a hole,
You’re looked at as an uncaring monster,
Yet the opposite is really true,
People form their opinions,
But who and what are you.
Is the person truly a monster,
Because inside it’s easier to flee,
And constantly pushing people away,
Becomes the only way you know to be,
You can sit back and clearly see it,
But there’s nothing you can do,
Conditioned by the environment,
Is change a part of you.
Through the years and many miles,
You grow used to constant change,
And all the things you care about,
Are constantly re-arranged,
There are those things that always remain,
That are etched into the heart,
And as anyone looks at the situation,
Love or indifference can’t be told apart.
At times it’s said you can not know,
What you have until it’s gone,
But what if it’s with you every day,
Through your life it glides along,
There are things that we can change,
But there are things that never do,
And on the sea of constant change,
I still float because I love you.
The heart holds on to something found,
An emotion that lives and breathes,
And amid the constant flow of change,
No one seems to see,
Love began without effort,
In your arms it was found,
And through the confusion at it’s beginning,
Regardless of change love’s still around.

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