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Open the Door

To Marcy Howard

Love abides inside the heart,
Though you try to push it away,
Its impossible for it to die,
And it lives through every day,
Though at times it may grow tired,
And two people drift apart,
For some it is the only thing,
To cure the wounded heart.
Doors are closed to keep out the cold,
A product of our fear,
And if we stay behind the door,
If love knocks, how can we hear,
The past may seem a formidable for,
It can destroy the things we find,
Yet if you really think on it,
Those fears, live only in the mind.
If we hide behind others doors,
Discovery then is lost,
And all the hopes and dreams we have,
They become the cost,
Though holding love alone is pain,
When returned, there’s only more,
What we found we can’t control,
And its not confined, by our closed door.
      Only you!!!!



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