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Half the Whole

To Marcy Howard

As seasons come and seasons go, wish things would change inside,
And though I know love came to stay, why does it have to hide,
Though at times we lose or gain, can the heart survive the cost,
Even if the skies turn dark, and it seems that light is lost.
At times two people make a whole, yet a third still enters in,
It doesn’t mean that love is less, it just reminds us of where loves been,
Sorrow and pain conjoined with hurt, might damage both heart and mind,
And with the fears of loneliness, make life a daily grind.
How many pieces given away, make us incomplete,
Especially when all that’s left, is those memories we can’t defeat,
Though a body still walks around, doesn’t mean there’s someone home,
And with this trail walked apart, we’re more than just alone.
Time sometimes doesn’t heal, the loss of someone loved,
And if the loss occurs with two, into darkness we’re then shoved,
Still there’s beating in this chest, yet the heart it seems is gone,
While daily I possess the hope, the other half will come along.
As we wander through the dark, light may have different faces,
And if the love becomes this deep, there is nothing that replaces,
The pieces that are hidden now, seem hidden from the soul,
And it seems the hearts life sentence now, is to live with half the whole.
.            It flickers still.



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