Paradise Where


Does paradise really exist somewhere,
Or is just some fantasy land,
A place where dreams marry reality,
Or a place we’ve built by hand,
Is there a path to follow,
To take us to this place,
Or does the mind get us lost,
Within the memory of your face.
Paradise might be a location,
Yet it can be a person too,
While the only paradise that I know,
Is that place I found with you,
Heart’s decided who makes them feel,
They found their other half,
And if you get a little chuckle,
It doesn’t make me laugh.
Sounds can echo through the silence,
But is there something to break the fear,
And when the heart speaks to us,
Will we allow ourselves to hear,
From time to time I know you feel it,
Because at that time I feel it too,
Something tells us deep inside,
To believe and know it’s true.
Paradise might be a single place,
As simple as in someone’s arms,
And does memory sustain us,
Or cause nothing more than harm,
If we use mistakes as lessons,
Then along the way we learn,
And all those things I found with you,
Are candles that still burn.
As people at times we might lose faith,
But emotion still is real,
Do other’s opinions control us,
Or is it really what we feel,
I acknowledge I made mistakes,
And every day since I’ve paid,
It can’t be picked from the soul,
And the sun can’t make it fade.
You said I should forget you,
But for both it’s an impossible task,
Pretending that we’re happy,
Within our grinning mask,
Paradise is all those things,
I found with loving you,
There is no reason to pretend,
Two souls know it’s true.


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