We Will

to Marcy Howard

I could say, I’m sorry, and though, it would be true,
That, won’t give me back, the moments touching you,
I wait, for the phone, to ring, to hear my angel’s voice,
And dream of her, in my arms, as our souls, rejoice.
A cup of coffee, brings a tear, it makes me, miss her more,
And as I lay, on this lonely bed, a sleepless nights, in store,
I have her, in my mind, and she lives, in my chest,
And through, the things occurring, our love’s put to a test,
We have something, between us, and it, will never die,
Or all, those promises made, end up, being lies,
Since, there’s no question, my hopes and dreams, are you,
With love living, in both our eyes, what is it, we can do.
And yes, a silver lining, is inside, this pitch black night,
Wrapped, in long black hair, with an aura and inner light,
I need her, I want her, I’m forever, missing her smile,
And with the words, I love you, the hurt, leaves for awhile.
Both of us, have had our share, of this life’s, hard knocks,
But since we found, a love like this, don’t put it, behind locks,
I hurt you and I’m sorry, but I know, you love me still,
So take my hand, and walk with me, we have love and always will!!!!!
             Forgive me, I love you.



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