Better Daze

To Marcy Howard

Softly my fingers touch your face;as my tongue touches your lips,
As I take in all your beauty;and watch sensuality drip,
My fingers move to your neck;touch a trembling ear,
While I softly whisper to you;with words only you can hear.
To touch you is electric;there’s magic when we touch,
As the need inside pours out;and desire is our crutch,
My eyes can see you smile;with your eyes tightly closed
With the darkness growing close;in a world that is reposed.
My fingers glide down your spine;while you look at me,
Wondering of our destination;and what my fingers see,
As my hand caresses you;slowly our eyes meet,
Loneliness is gone today;and with you it won’t repeat.
As my fingers find their way;to those arms that hold me tight,
There is no thought of the world;just this woman’s light,
I hold you close, skin to skin;and its my soul you amaze,
Then I awake to find this dream; this dream of better daze.
  Only you.



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