Inside the heart and deep in the soul,
In a place that none can see,
There exists a living love,
That roams forever free,
It was found in someone’s arms,
And with separation it’s still alive,
And every evening when I lay down,
I prepare for it to arrive.
In the daylight is it dormant,
As the heart says that it’s not,
It’s remembered every moment,
Though in appearance it’s forgot,
At night when I fall asleep,
It’s breathe is felt in my dreams,
And though for each of us it’s different,
In the darkness it loudly screams.
In the light it still is felt,
But in the darkness it’s clearly seen,
In daylight we seem to analyze,
What the emotion really means,
We ask ourselves what we feel,
With no need for any answer,
Because finding something so  very real,
Holds no attempt to transfer.
Love lives and breathes inside the heart,
And it’s held within the soul,
No matter how much the mind protests,
For with it’s absence there’s a hole,
When at night I’m deep asleep,
It’s freed with unconscious thought,
Proving the mind with it’s scars,
A prison cell has wrought.
With the innocent planted seeds,
That comes in the form of a kiss,
What was found is never forgotten,
Though not found on any list,
Nightly memory proves to me,
That it lives silently through the day,
But in the darkness that love roams free,
For there’s nothing to get in it’s way.
At times it may feel like a prison,
But each night that’s proven wrong,
Because memory flows within the words,
Of a never forgotten  song,
Love’s alive and can not die,
It comes without a choice,
Though it might be found in  a whisper,
It’s song lives in your voice.

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