Every life has different degrees,
Of happiness and pain,
Days we’re under skies of blue,
With those days of pouring rain,
We each have days with no direction,
Yet it’s offset by days we’re sure,
That GPS is a useless thing,
As we debate what a heart is for.
Good and bad and up and down,
The different sides of the coin,
With the days we wish that we’re a part,
Of those groups we can not join,
Here and there the past returns,
Another form of dejavu,
While all the places we’d like to go,
Fuel our dreams come true.
We learn about the ignorant bliss,
As we judge ourselves beyond redemption,
While the reasons for feeling so alive,
Become our only current protection,
Everything has a different side,
And there is always both cause and effect,
But things we lost and things we found,
Are entangled with all we reject.
Through many years we labor and toil,
And we look back on all we learned,
And though emotions came and went,
Only love still burns,
We’re told that there’s a very fine line,
That exists between love and hate,
A meal we’re sure that we’d enjoy,
Yet we never put it on our plate.
Emotion has no flip side,
It either lives or it does not,
It’s never sometimes to remember,
Because it’s something the heart never forgot,
A memory might hold laughter,
Or it might even hold a tear,
But love holds a memory together sometimes,
It’s the total of how much we care.
In the end there must be a balance,
A life must hold more happiness than tears,
Or every day’s an uphill climb,
On a set of uneven stairs,
Though there are two sides to every story,
Through it all this one thing is true,
Both sides of life whisper to me.
It’s only love I have for you.

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