Dream Real

To Marcy Howard

A scene unfolds, late one night,
As I bolt awake in bed,
It feels as if the dream was real,
But its only in my head,
A hot tub bathed in moonlight,
Two figures getting warm,
Ignoring the clouds that are coming,
The approach of a thunderstorm.
Lightning flashes and thunder crashes,
As the rain begins to pour,
All they want is each other,
To hold tight amid the storm,
The waters temperature warms to the bone,
But it wouldn’t matter if it was cold,
As long as its you in my arms,
Its a real dream I hold.
I see these figures clearly,
And yes, its you and me,
Though a scene from a dream,
Its as real as real can be,
I wish I didn’t have to wake up,
The dream was at its best part,
The part where we know who we found,
And that we found each other’s heart.
       Love lives!



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