To Marcy Howard

Remember when we talked for hours,
As hand in hand we walked the trails,
Remember when we laughed and joked,
And thought of tropical sails,
Remember that cabin in the woods,
And a puppy that I miss,
Remember sitting in a restaraunt,
And when we left, our first kiss.
Remember coffee every morning,
With our cookies and cream,
Remember roses on a bed,
And the showers full of steam,
Remember walking hand in hand,
As we searched the flea market wares,
Remember looking into each others eyes,
And seeing love in someone who cares.
Remember when love was held,
When it was more than a memory,
Remember how it made us feel,
How now our hearts are free,
Remember a hot tub in the pouring rain,
Or me watching you as you sleep,
Remember all the things we found,
And the love that we both keep.
Remember when we held our dreams,
And laughed under moonlit skies,
Remember sitting in the dark,
And feeling loving eyes,
Remember all the cards and poems,
The roses and letters too,
Remember how I read them aloud,
To show a heart that beats for you.
Remember the words I love you,
No matter what’s done or said,
Remember what lives in our eyes,
Forever in heart and head,
Remember me in your dreams,
How you’re my source of light,
Remember I believe in you,
And you’re held, with love each night.



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