Fear’s Folly


If fear controls what we say and do,
By our past are we defined,
Losing sight of things we see,
Because of cobwebs in the mind,
It’s hard when thinking of things that were,
To see what could transpire,
Letting walls remain intact,
To hide all we require.
Alone we struggle through the night,
Can we trust another’s heart,
When every time in the past,
The heart gets ripped apart,
Words are voiced but seem unreal,
A ballet of dodging need,
And as we bandage up the heart,
Other wounds still bleed.
Tomorrow becomes a cold dark place,
If we face it all alone,
What good is the Sun’s pure light,
If we kill the things we’ve grown,
Sure I miss you when you’re gone,
Only a fool would not,
And though things can not grow on stone,
Emotion can grow through rock.
Caught behind the past and future,
In a place where we pretend,
That memories are all that’s real,
And are all we should defend,
The answer’s not in the mirror,
It lives somewhere inside,
And all those things that we hold dear,
Make our fears the thing we hide.

June 17th,2016

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