Snow Star


At times we look to the stars,
That dot the night time sky,
Seeming to search the heavens,
For the hearts lone alibi,
We ask ourselves what we see,
Are emotions just as real,
And standing in the cold alone,
Is the temperature all we feel.
Snow falls down and we can not see,
Those stars that feel as friends,
Because every night our constant pleas,
Are for love that we defend,
The snowfall ceases and the sky soon clears,
Snow deadens all the sound,
We’re left with only the things inside,
Those things with you I found.
The snowflakes cover frozen ground,
And the trees are dressed in white,
And soon the twinkling stars are seen,
Our friends again light the night,
Do you wonder if the stars ever tire,
In their silence do they speak,
And when they fall to the ground,
Do they become a forgotten streak.
Though we look to the night time sky,
Our answers still lie within,
And in the life of a falling star,
Is that where love begins,
The heart holds on to broken dreams,
Though in pieces that still remain,
But once the heart holds on to love,
That heart is never the same.
Everyone puts their spin on things,
Is it darkness or is it night,
And as those stars shine down on us,
In the dark there still is light,
Love it seems mirrors the stars,
At times it feels so far away,
But the longer we look at those twinkling lights,
That love grows closer every day.
Points of light appearing to us,
To help light those shadowed places,
And every star seems to become,
A different view of the same faces,
Clouds might obscure the night time sky,
But clouds don’t mean love is gone,
Because every star whispers down,
Love still sings it’s song.

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