The Smoking Gun


If you saw a smoking gun,
Would you pick it up or let it lie,
Could you accept the possibility,
That someone else could die,
Do you always skirt the issues,
With the hope that none can see,
Then stand and spout your rhetoric,
Pretending we all are free.
Have our lives become an endless chase,
To achieve someone else’s wants,
A carrot manipulated in front of us,
Whose lure continually taunts,
Inundated with useless facts,
Our reality seen through a haze,
And when asked about current events,
We’re thoroughly amazed.
With the constant passage of time,
And the occurrence of events,
We look for blame in everything,
But ignore what can prevent,
The object isn’t guilty,
If held in a human’s hands,
The attitudes inside the person,
We need to change and understand.
Reactions are used and manipulated,
To fit to other’s plans,
It’s not about taking firearms,
Change the attitudes in the man,
As people we rise to the occasion,
To overcome obstacles in our path,
The thing that all of us need to see,
Is all the underlying wrath.
We’ve made life not about living,
A competition for what we have and what we don’t,
And if we keep blaming inanimate objects,
Having peace we just won’t,
Events occur that are horrible,
Yet the enormity escapes our sight,
As we muddle through the darkness,
A child’s funeral provides agendas light.
Can we look at the situation,
And see with understanding eyes,
It’s not about the object,
It’s about the reasons why,
As people we hold the answers,
They aren’t in what we’re told,
It’s about what’s in the mind,
When in our hands a gun we hold.

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