Set Me Free


Take away the tortured thoughts,
Release the tortured soul,
Make me worthy of this life,
Help me gain control,
See the good that lives in me,
Hear the hopes and dreams,
Listen to the beating heart,
Ignore the silent screams.
Rescue me from the guilt and pain,
Make these wishes come true,
See me for who I really am,
Look past the things I do,
Accept me as a broken man,
But look at all the pieces,
Realize that I have dreams,
In a nightmare that never ceases.
But through it all don’t feel pity,
Like you I’ve lived and learned,
And though I stand with empty arms,
The candle inside still burns,
We all can say we’re happy,
But happiness can be hard to believe,
While in my mirrors image,
My tears do not deceive.
If you think my dreams are gone,
There’s little that you know,
Just means they’re locked somewhere inside,
Because for me they’re hard to show,
I’ve given people parts of me,
That are far less than the truth,
Been that way for so very long,
Since way back in my youth.
My life reads like a fairy tale,
That at times has spun out of control,
And when the hand of kindness reached to me,
I made it something that I stole,
Yet through it all this heart still beats,
Though at times I’ve wondered why,
And as I wandered aimlessly,
I appreciate those who’ve tried.
If you look past all the faults,
And I know there are more than a few,
One thing surpasses all you believe,
Behind clouds it still shines through,
Inside all the insecurities,
There’s a belief inside of me,
That love has somehow kept me alive,
It’s the one thing that sets me free.

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