shadow Road


All of us at some point,
Have shadows in our lives,
Waiting for the morning light,
With the dreams we’ve been denied,
Shadows from things in our pasts,
That touch the here and now,
Things that come from broken hearts,
Though dead alive somehow.
Memories live and memories die,
Shadows that always remain,
Windows back into the past,
With our hearts what they detain,
Light shines down from up above,
Does it shine from kindred souls,
Something to unite the pieces,
To fill the bottomless holes.
A road that’s lined with many trees,
Sunlight’s shadows behind the heart,
A place where clouds become the  reasons,
For the heart and mind being ripped apart,
Our tears become a pathway,
A street to emotions denied,
And as they travel southward,
Were they ever even cried.
The tears roll down and show a path,
From the heart into the soul,
Remnants of a time and place,
Where heart and mind were still whole,
The roads we travel through our lives,
At some times can’t be seen,
And when we walk down shadow road,
Is our happiness somewhere between.
Tears become our road map,
Where shadows live and breathe,
At times the shadows cold and dark,
Prevent our being free,
As we walk down a shadowed lane,
A memory of love our light,
As the things that we hold dear,
Become shadows darker than night.
Tears can be a lonely road,
But love still abides within,
Growing since the very day,
When love was allowed to begin,
Shadows live inside the tears,
Their path the road we’re shown,
as love becomes an eternal light,
To guide us down Shadow road.

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