Already There

To Marcy Howard

On those nights, when, you feel lonely,
On those nights, when your bed, is cold,
Close your eyes and think, of me,
I’ll be, the one, you hold,
You, need not feel, sad or blue,
For, I feel, your every thought,
I, am always, there with you,
Forever, is what was bought.
If, you feel, all alone,
Don’t cry, I’m there, with you,
And if, you think, of me, right then,
With my presence, no longer, blue
Put, a smile, on your face,
Remember, the happiness,
Think, of what we have,
Memory, is nothing less.
Think of, my smiling face,
With, it’s smile, just, for you,
And in, those lonely moments,
You’ll no longer, feel blue,
In wind and rain, sun or snow,
I, am always there,
You need not, reach, for me,
Because, I’m, already there.
         I NEED YOU.



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