So Much More

to Marcy Howard

I know, how you feel, because, I feel the same,
And happiness, for me, is attached, to your name,
I, have sadness, in my life, which you, already know,
But, through, this separation, how, am I to grow?
From you, I have gotten, more, than I gave,
Yet, you’re the only one, who, my heart, can save,
We hold, each other’s heart, in the palms, of our hands,
Spin the wheel, of fortune, see, where it lands.
The future, holds our dreams, they’re locked, inside, our heads,
With the keys, in our hearts, not in, our empty beds,
So much more, is possible, if you give, our love, a chance,
With, these roses, that I give, the symbol, of romance.
There, are things, in this life, you can put, no value on,
But the assets, that we possess, mean nothing, if they’re gone,
There is, no way, to predict, what love, has in store,
But, hanging on, to our love, means, there’s so much more.
          Please forgive me.Grant me, just one chance.



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