So You Say

To Marcy Howard

I know the things you’re saying,
You’re saying out of fear,
Because you know, what we found,
Is now forever here,
You try to run yet again,
A pattern that you follow,
And someone loving you,
Is hard for you to swallow .
You said you would never go back,
Yet that’s exactly what you did,
As all the things that you left out,
Are still the things you hid,
You question every action,
As you say things meant to hurt,
But you only hurt yourself,
Condemning your own worth.
I have you for the future,
As you pretend its dead,
But you’ve already shown you know,
Its more than just your head,
You only gave a part of you,
But I want the rest,
Time hasn’t changed a thing,
Try another test.
Since I’m yours forever more
Why not trust your heart,
That we already have,
Love as our start,
Trust where your heart took you,
And believe the love you see,
Most of all, believe in yourself,
And know, Lance, only needs Marcy!
      Give me who I need.
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