A Familiar Face


Dreams reach out from the darkness,
Seeming to light the way,
Lighting a path to tomorrow,
Or a path to yesterday,
The dream takes on a physical form,
Transports me to that time and place,
Where love holds out it’s portrait,
A nightly familiar face.
Daylight holds the desire,
To be immersed inside a dream,
To overcome this hollow feeling,
Silence the daylight’s screams,
Though none can hear the anguished cries,
They echo from deep inside,
Becoming some sort of proof positive,
That the soul will not be denied.
Through the day the masses are searched,
To find what’s already been found,
And with beauty in the eyes of the beholder,
There’s the need for accompanying sound,
The heart says it needs to see her,
Though each night she’s clearly seen,
And as the heart holds on hopefully,
Is it caught somewhere in between.
Some might call it a kind of ghost,
A spectre searching through time and space,
Or is obsession the name of the beast,
When it centers solely on her face,
Time might slow our bodies,
As each day we surely age,
Has the heart become a daily read book,
That only has one page.
Through the day there is a longing,
To hold the stuff of dreams,
Held within the swirling thoughts,
That seem to flow in streams,
Inside the grasp of darkness,
When the eyes are tightly closed,
The senses reach out for that vision,
Which the soul and heart have chose.
In a life that now feels alien,
With a soul that’s left alone,
Paradise becomes a picture,
That with each moment has only grown,
And though the heart is still beating,
It resides in another place,
Living in two smouldering eyes,
And her oh so familiar face.

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