A Dream To Hold

To Marcy Howard

Each day I hold you in my arms;and though its just a dream,
Just the thought of holding you close;completes a daily scene,
A scene where longing doesn’t exist;a scene where the dream comes true,
Where all the events from the past;no longer influence me and you.
Though at times my day is pain;you bring my smile back,
As memories of better days;are the demons that attack,
Still the paradise that I need; lies hidden in your eyes,
While my eden is in your arms;though you hide in your disguise.
Existing in a dream is hard;my reality needs you near,
And as I hold you in the dream;your whispers what I hear,
I hear you whisper that love’s alive; that each day the dream is real,
That when I dream I hold you close;its the same thing that you feel.
       Love lives!!!



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