You're Only Human

to Eileen Conrad,to Marcy Howard

Inside those eyes, I see, much pain, while pleasure, comes and goes,
And with each tear, is a story, that’s never told, so no one knows,
Forever, a person, is held, in chains, by a memory.long since gone,
Physically, all is fine, yet the eyes, hold a forgotten song,
The person, remains, outwardly in, and so many things, have changed,
Though they are, who they are, their perception’s, are re-arranged.
Always, there remains, a song, to rejoice, in who you see,
The fact, they resided, in your life, the duration... your destiny,
A disease, changed the person, but not, who they are,
And regardless, of the circumstance, they remain, the evening star,
Shining, for all, who dare to see, yet toiling, through the days,
Knowing, as changes overtake, with efforts, that amaze.
How, can we understand, what it is, they feel.
If we see, with our, blind eye, and ignore, with our zeal,
A world, can change, before your eyes, so many things, have changed,
Yet, the woman, I’ve known, all along, resides here, just the same,
Aid, was given, when there was need, now, the role’s reversed,
As the world, wildly spins, new roads, are daily traversed.
You action’s, are what determines, will your loved one, be secure,
For no one, has the answers, when health, looks for a cure,
Spend your days, with the knowledge, that always, there will be talk,
Many, spend their time, pointing, and caregiver’s, walk the walk,
There is no standard, set of rules, for the things, you need to do,
As this person, needs your aid, they rest their life; their memories, their you.
The destination, is not known, for the future, is unsure,
And those, lofty ambitions held, by events, have been obscured,
Yet there, remains, a constant fact, that disease, can not alter,
This person is, the one, you love, and that, will never falter,
And yes, there are those days, when dedication’s, put to the test,
But after all, you’re only human, no different, than all the rest.



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