Lonliness in a Crowd


Our flesh at times is willing,
And our voices at times are loud,
Can you tell me why it is,
To be faceless in a crowd,
Is effort exerted to blend in,
Or does it happen on it’s own,
Surrounded by a crowd of people,
The individual still unknown.
Often times we are seen,
Is your voice ever heard,
Sometimes the voice could be a scream,
Yet no one hears a word,
We write things down on paper,
Though it doesn’t change a thing,
All those thoughts and ideals,
A song we can not sing.
Some people seem to stand out,
The result of some inner desire,
At what point does it become to much,
When are we consumed by the fire,
Maybe we each have our role,
But with that thought what have we lost,
So many emotions pushed to the side,
For the few, are many the cost.
The mind for years doesn’t notice,
Then one day as we look back,
We see a path of destruction,
And bloodstains mark our path,
There’s a reason some go un-noticed,
They have a voice but never spoke,
There’s no need to play the record,
If years ago it was broke.
If there’s no desire to stand out,
Or no need of fortune or fame,
Happiness lives inside the heart,
And love is not a game,
If you need the spotlight,
Is the projected person real,
While the people that live in the shadows,
Have only what they feel.
At times we may possess the desire,
To somehow stand out in a crowd,
The idea goes un-noticed,
If the thoughts never spoken out loud,
We each believe in something,
I believe in what I found with you,
And I’m content with simply that,
Because daily love shines through.

February 13th, 2017

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