The Dark's Division

To Marcy Howard

The day is split into parts, into darkness and into light,
And every event that we see, is labeled wrong or right,
The dark is feared by many souls, with the reasons somehow unknown,
Is it because our eyes can’t see, unless a light is shown,
Can we exist in total black, as our senses adjust to dark,
Or would the absence of any light, leave some telltale mark.
Each of us is a different person, some need more while some need less,
Yet each of us has a beating heart, somewhere in our chest,
Sometimes two beat as one, and through time some grow apart,
But the outside world should not control, what lives inside your heart,
Circumstance affects us all, even me and you,
Yet if we hide the pain we feel, can it change what we know is true.
Darkness is the past’s sure hold, as it affects the here and now,
But if the skeletons are set free, does it free the heart somehow,
Love is not an unseen chain, its an emotion that we feel,
And it is not an answer to, the question is love real,
Though we might conceal our pain, it still will leave its mark,
Especially if the love we found, is divided by the dark.
     Only you!



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