The Depth Of Darkness


Darkness reaches from the night,
And squeezes a broken heart,
And as the darkness spreads to heart and mind,
It permeates every part,
It becomes hard to adjust to daylight,
As the darkness becomes a pool,
And as we’re wading in it’s depths,
Are our emotions useless tools.
The darkness becomes our lover,
While in the daylight we hide,
The mask’s put on to hide our pain,
But in darkness the pain’s alive,
Dreams evolve into nightmares,
Pleasure seems not to exist,
And when we awake in the morning,
Is it darkness that still persists.
The darkness seems to massage the soul,
It holds out it’s empty arms,
While the pieces of a broken heart,
Ignore the minds alarms,
The heart becomes a mindless machine,
That with time can turn to stone,
As the only thing left for us to embrace,
Is the fact we’re all alone.
In the darkness it’s easy to not see or feel,
It’s easier for the heart to hide,
Holding on to threads from the past,
And those dreams that seem denied,
Love becomes the only hope,
And to it we staunchly cling,
In the darkness it’s all we have,
It’s light we can see flickering.
Hopes and dreams seem to fly away,
In the darkness their flight unseen,
And every night we ask ourselves,
What’s this all supposed to mean,
The darkness seems to carry us,
To depths we’ve never known,
As the depth of darkness becomes one word,
And that one word is the word alone.

January 14th, 2017

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