I Know

To Marcy Howard

I know you hold me in your heart,
Just as I hold you,
I know that you must pretend,
That love won’t shine through,
I know we each feel pain,
Reactions to our fears,
I know we each live the nightmares,
Laden with salty tears.
I know you have to do,
The things you feel you must,
But does that mean all your dreams,
Should crumble into dust,
I know no woman on this earth,
In this life which we reside,
Who has the qualities that you posess,
I know I see it in your eyes.
I know this isn’t a perfect world,
And I know the things I feel,
I know that when I see your face,
The dream, again is real,
I know the sacrifice that you make,
To keep people safe and secure,
I know I need you in my life,
For my happiness to be sure.
I know it may sound crazy,
Even with the things we’ve done,
I know all the guessing is over,
Because I know you’re the one,
I know you feel the same as I,
Inside the things you say,
I know we each have our fears,
And I know love came our way.
         Only you!Love lives!!!!
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