Reality’s Dream


There are days long ago we remember,
As with eyes closed we drift back in time,
Points of light in the past,
When more than the dream was mine,
Slowly a smile begins to form,
Thinking of you it always does,
While holding on to yesterday,
When what still is, still was.
A memory that was reality,
A dream held in the hands,
As a heart held out forever,
But forgot the past’s demands,
And as we fondly remember,
Though apart it still is real,
The things you put inside this heart,
Are things that we still feel.
Some times it might be an event,
Or an act that stirs the soul,
A day and time now long ago,
When the heart didn’t have this hole,
People, places, things flash by,
Yet it always comes round to you,
And thinking of your whispered voice,
You are the dream come true.
We might see a face that now is gone,
While yours will never leave,
The heart remembers heaven held,
And this time does not deceive,
You might think eyes closed means darkness,
But it’s actually traveling to the light,
The day I met you being,
The end of lonely nights.
Is it enough to hold a memory,
Why not if it brings a smile,
But of course the real person,
Would be better to hold awhile,
I remember searching through the darkness,
Bathed in light it’s you I found,
Now I hold the memory,
A voice without it’s sound.
I’d like to take you in these arms,
To whisper in your ear,
We both feel the pain,
And I’ve cried your same tears,
Though it may be just a memory,
Together we found something real,
And each time memory visits,
Each moment  it’s love I feel

February 12th, 2017

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