The Face of a Reflection


Falling water takes on another form,
An up-turned beautiful face,
Based on long held memories,
That time cannot erase,
The water flows into shapes and textures,
To mimic the beauty it’s seen,
And though it seems a solid thing,
Is it something in between.
Can it be a hallucination,
Is it the product of a dream,
Or is it the manifestation,
Of a long held back scream,
It really doesn’t matter,
If you just sit back and think,
A beautiful face in a rainstorm,
Insanity put into ink.
More and more the spectral vision,
Takes a form from memory,
A physical form for a dream,
A personal reverie,
Others may not see a thing,
The vision is only yours,
And kept alive inside the heart,
Proves it always will endure.
The face takes on some detail,
Framed withh flowing hair of black,
With lips that seem to whisper,
There’s a gargoyle on the back,
The water seems to mimic,
Different moods and different expressions,
An animated life size dream,
A heart’s realized confession.
Subtle changes happen instantly,
With a thought the water shifts,
A realized projection of,
Need and memories gifts,
Dreams and desires can be seen,
As the face brightens with a smile,
And just the light from this face,
Brings happy for a short while.
The face is etched in memory,
Glimpsed while walking in the rain,
The face of love inside a soul,
A memories water stain,
Only one  face do I see,
She’s alive and I know she’s real,
And walking in this pouring rain,
You’re all that I can feel.

October 26th,2016

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