turn Around


Sometimes things move so fast,
There’s no time to look around,
With the pace we seem to miss,
All the things we found,
The heart holds out a memory,
A crumb dropped from the past,
And when you stop to turn around,
It’s love you see that lasts.
In the darkness with the lights turned low,
The eyes close to remember the day,
The heartbeat seems to quicken,
And love comes out to play,
Silence reigns with empty arms,
There’s music that has no sound,
Sounds we might not notice,
If we never turned around.
As we summon memories,
Are they something that is real,
Can something that we can not see,
Be the sum of what we feel,
At times we turn to the mirror,
An image with wrinkles that abound,
As the image looks back at us,
Has a frown that’s turned around.
If we never turn around,
Is the path ahead still clear,
Can there be things in the past,
That fill the mind with fear,
No matter if we look forward or back,
There’s an emotion that’s common ground,
Love lives if we try to notice,
And it’s seen when we turn around.
The emotion lives and breathes in us,
With no matter of dark or light,
It lives inside our days,
And it lives inside our nights,
A sound echoes through our lives,
It’s the song called I found you,
And every time we turn around,
We see that love is true.
At times we try to turn away,
But we can’t ignore that love is real,
No matter how much life turns around,
Love’s still what we feel,
Remember with a smile,
The love which you still hold,
Then whenever you turn around,
Love’s the story told.

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