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Let It Ride

For Marcy Howard

The passion, of your beliefs, is hidden, behind, the truth,
And it seems, that what you think, has been  altered, since your youth,
How you feel, about yourself, is the most, important thing,
Not what, those around you think, happiness, should bring.
i would never, judge you, yet you thought, I would.
With the events, in my life, how do you think, I could,
Really, you could trust, that I would, keep your heart,
Before, deciding, what I’d do, you might have, let me start.
You, are the single person, who controls, your own fate,
Now, After finding you, Again, I have to wait,
You see, you might have misjudged me, but I ask, do you care,
All the assumptions, we both made, brought on, the empty stares.
Anything you ask, I would gladly do, all we had to do, was talk,
But I guess, running is more important, than learning, how to walk,
Neither of us, can deny, there’s something special here,
So why not, get all the facts, instead of choosing, out of fear.
No matter, how, you push me away, it’s only, because you know,
Though we feel, as we do, you, don’t want it, to show,
Try to trust, a mortal man, whose heart, you’ve held, for years,
And as you, hold it, in your hands, it’s watered, by your tears.
Give the future, some kind, of chance, you no longer, have to pretend,
Before you find me, guilty, realize, that I’m, your friend,
Life, lies before us, Yet, love, lives inside,
And as the, wheel spins, I say, let it ride!!!!



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