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Let Me Help

To Marcy Howard

Use me as your guiding light;together let’s end this pain,
Please don’t sacrifice yourself;to ease this pouring rain,
Use me as a pleasant thought;to return your beautiful smile,
And as you walk the trail alone;I’m with you all the while.
Let me help you break the chains;and you can help with mine,
As we struggle with the past;that influences present time,
Use me as your stepping stone;to achieve your goals and dreams;as we help each other find;the ripples in our stream.
Let me help you find a way;to make the love we feel,
Light the path which lies ahead;no matter what seems real,
Use me to find our happiness;that we both hold inside,
As we walk arm in arm;loves realization in our eyes.
Let me help you understand;I have my demons just like you,
But we can use what we found; to help us each get through,
Use me as a shield. for loneliness;let me hold you tight,
As we hold on to love we found; we can be each other’s light.
   You only!



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