The Mirror's Man

To Marcy Howard

There are things in this life,
I wish had not occurred,
But there are things I’m glad they did,
When memories are referred,
Laughter and smiles were once held,
Kept alive every waking day,
And I’m glad I found you,
As I reflect on what we say.
As I look at the man in the mirror,
I wonder who I see,
Its a face with long dark hair,
The reflection isn’t me,
As your face stares back at me,
What emotions do you hold,
And if a dream is what we grasp,
Is it ourselves that we have sold.
If two people together make one,
When separated that sum still exists,
Wrapped in scars from the past,
As loves hold each day persists,
Killing something that will not die,
Is futility at its best,
Yet as we know this love is real,
Its us and time that are the test.
The fact that we found each other,
In a time of dire need,
Shows the man in the mirror,
Its in you that I believe,
Fate brought us together,
While hope keeps it alive every day,
And no matter how hard you push,
Its never going away.
    Only you.



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