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The Mountain Trail

to Marcy Howard

Though life, might seem, an, uphill fight;and prospects, might, seem dim,
We all, must walk, the mountain trail;looking up, from where, we’ve been,
As, this new year, comes, again;does it seem, you’re all, alone,
Take, a walk, on a, mountain trail;looking up, from where, you’ve been.
The trail, may bring you, better health;it might, ease, a troubled mind,
As, just the sum, of your steps;could bring, what you search, to find,
With, each step, you could, discover;the stirring, of, fond memory,
While, the trees, that you pass;are devoid, of all, their leaves.
If, you’re at, a point, in life;where, it seems, that life conspires,
To rob you, of, a, love, you found;and those things, your heart, requires,
Look, at all, the things, you pass;think of, the things, you see,
For, even though, the plants, seem barren;in the spring, they again, have leaves,
The mountain trail, that, you walk;like, your life, has, ups and downs,
And though, it seems, love might, be lost;if real, it’s always, around,
Walk, the trail and think, of me;a man, who saw, to late,
That beauty and love, were in, my hands, now condemned, for my, mistake.
Now I walk, this, frozen trail;and see, those things, I missed,
Looking, at, the mountain top;with tears, I can’t resist,
Walk, the trail and look around;let it stir, the voice, inside,
And maybe, it will help, you see;real love, won’t be, denied.
     hand in hand, down love’s trail
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