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The Endless Sea


An endless string of memories,
Become the pieces of a heart,
With no effort to conceal them,
With no ending just a start,
Somewhere in the sea of time,
Battered by the storms,
Here and there we’re given life,
But it’s love that keeps us warm.
Transported to a time and place,
When life was more than a dream,
A place where pain does not exist,
Though a place with silent screams,
A sparkle seen inside the eyes,
A time when the smile was real,
Laughter then our best friend,
A heart’s never ending meal.
An island in this sea of time,
Love held firmly in our hands,
With a soul somehow satisfied,
Holding realistic demands,
Light and darkness both take the stage,
A cycle we can see,
Pain and pleasure walk hand in hand,
The mind for a moment free.
Currents take us here or there,
With no way to steer our course,
And never do we seem to be,
Destroyed by our remorse,
Our eyes are closed though wide awake,
And we see so many things,
Love the raft on which we float,
Pain the mist that stings.
Love becomes an endless sea,
With the horizon our destination,
Yet when it’s time to use our oars,
We’re filled with hesitation,
Choices made might seem to control,
The thoughts the soul holds dear,
And as we float on endlessly,
It’s only love we hear.
Our lives become a drifting ship,
Drifting towards a new sunrise,
Wind and current supply direction,
Through all we might surmise,
No matter where the currents take you,
No matter what storms might blow,
Floating endlessly on the sea of love,
That love can only grow.

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