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Red Day

To Marcy Howard

People, sometimes, feel blue;and at times, may see red,
Yet all, the rainbow’s colors;live, inside, our heads,
If, you look, at your life;what color, do you see,
A color, that is bright;or one, dark and gloomy.
I see, purple, on your body;I see black, framing, her face,
I see, red, on some pillows;and on, a rug, in place,
The colors, of the rainbow;somehow, tinted, by blue,
Through, the spectrum, of the pallet;with each color, I need you.
An angel, wrapped, in black;waiting, just for me,
And as, the waiting, lengthens;colors, are all I see,
Some would say, black, is gloom;but for me, it’s heavens, frame,
Because, it frames, the face, I see;and Marcy, is her name.
Though, her favorite, color’s red;I see her, in every hue
And I can’t, escape the thought;she feels, the colors too,
Still, I hold her, close to me;she’s forever, in heart and head,
Though I’d  like, to see her, in purple;I’d be happy, to see her, in red!!!!!
      I need only you.



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