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The Water's Secrets

To Marcy Howard

A breeze blows ripples across a lake,
Reeds dance, stirred by the wind,
Trees along the lakes clean edge,
Show where land begins,
Though the waters not clear and blue,
The water holds its own peace,
Sunlight reflects on its surface,
As the ripples seem to never cease.
As the ripples reach across the water,
They possess their own ebb and flow,
The surface has its level plane,
And with movement seems to grow,
The waters tinged an olive green,
The color mirrors surrounding trees,
Trees seem to spring from its depths,
As if the water, sets them free.
If we sit and watch the water,
It has a calming effect,
And as a fish leaps from the green,
It appears, the fish the water rejects,
The breeze seems to drift away,
The water becomes calm and flat,
Though all we see is a mirrored plane,
Under the surface there’s more than that.
Wildlife and plants can not be seen,
Unless the water would somehow drain,
As people we’re like water,
Because its surface is flat and plain,
As we look upon a person, what secrets are within,
They’re usually not what might be seen,
So much more lives behind the eyes,
Just ad it is with me.
Pain and pleasure, hate and love,
Are refused, rising to the top,
And even though the appearance changes,
The things inside will never stop,
So sit at a lake and watch its surface,
Its secrets at times are revealed,
And while we look at the faces in life,
Like the water, the secrets are concealed.
      Only you.



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