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Starry Night

To Marcy Howard

On this night I think of you, wondering how you are,
Wishing that a falling star, would make these dreams come true,
But as I watch that streak of light, I see other shining stars,
While in this life the thing I hold, is all I found with you.
As I look at a cloudless sky, memories come to me,
I think of a cabin scene, when two hearts for awhile were free,
The darkness of that wooded place, made the stars so clear,
Sitting under star filled skies, when tomorrow was so near.
We held each other so very close, happy with what we found,
The past raised it’s silent voice, but it began a deafening sound,
Words became a thunderous roar, the stars seemed somehow lost,
Behind a building emotional wall, as our dreams became the cost.
And though the stars are in the sky, with pain it seems we’re blind,
Because now those stars only shine, in those dreams thought left behind,
Love remains the shining star, brighter than any others,
As I found you softly plays, and the darkness only smothers.
This love can not fade away, it’s light will always burn,
And though tomorrows another day, these memories each day we earn,
Though at times a star may fall, this star will never fade,
The things we found in each other’s arms, is how real love is made.
.          I found you!



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