There’s a Place


Is there a place to which we go,
Where our hopes and dreams come true,
A place where we hold all we need,
A place where I hold you,
Can we only get there in our minds,
To that place where needs fulfilled,
A place where love becomes our light,
With emotion we’ve instilled.
Can we only find this place,
In the land of sleep and dreams,
That place where fantasy is reality,
Where whispers seem like screams,
Is there a place that has no past,
Where emotion is something real,
A place where all the words we say,
Are the echoes of how we feel.
Everyone has this place,
Where all pain just disappears,
That place where words come alive,
A place that holds no tears,
For some the entrance is hidden,
Yet for some the gate’s open wide,
And all those things we can not say,
Become the things we cannot hide.
Either way this place exists,
But for each there’s a different key,
And though our keys are different,
You’re the key for me,
Inside of us hidden deep,
Live our emotions hopes and dreams,
While in the darkness late at night,
This heart holds silent screams.
This place we search for through our lives,
Resides in our own souls,
Locked inside our mortal form,
Regardless of our roles,
Each night might hold a different dream,
Or a nightly replay can be true,
The place I hold important to me,
Is arm in arm with you.
There’s no need to search at all,
Yhat place is already found,
Love resides inside the heart,
And grows with leaps and bounds,
At times this place is hard to see,
Yet in the mirror it’s clearly seen,
Love lives on inside the heart,
And has become my only dream!

November 1st,2016

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