For Eileen Conrad

Her smile, lit the room, as her laughter, filled the air,
While she, looked, in the mirror, worrying, about her hair,
Life, brought her joy, there was a smile til, the end.
And my dedication, wavered, but did not bend.
I held, her hand and she looked, to me, only, as if to say,
Soon, we will be parting, but we’ll, meet again, some day,
Don’t worry, about tomorrow, concentrate, on now,
Though, the pain, will come in waves, we’ll make it through, some how.
Remember, with a smile, the same smile, I’ve given, to you,
And if tears, fill your eyes, I, am crying too,
Just remember, all those things, that create, good memories,
Think of the laughter, think, of the smile, happy thoughts, of me.
When you feel, a gentle breeze, or feel, the falling rain,
It’s just me, whispering, and taking.all your pain,
And though, you may not, hear a sound, my laugh, fills the air,
Even, in the silence, I, am always there.



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