These Words I Say

To Marcy Howard

There are words I say out loud,
Every night I go to bed,
Not to some imagined god,
Or the demons in my head,
The words I say are simple ones,
Like whispers on the wind,
For every night that I lay down,
Is when the dream begins.
Every day I anticipate,
This nightmare that replays,
Each day is lived in black and white,
Shadows and muted grays,
Yet love abides within the words,
There’s passion and there’s need,
Yet every morning that I awake,
These words begin to bleed.
Every night I say these words,
With the thought, she’ll soon be near,
For when the dream begins again,
This time the words she’ll hear,
She’ll hold me in her loving arms,
And whisper, its OK,
She’ll tell me that she’s here again,
And she’s never going away.
Is the dream a fantasy,
Something I wish was real,
Or is it the knowledge somewhere within,
It’s the same thing that she feels,
So every night I say these words,
Before the dream I know will be,
Hear these words with your heart,
I love you and please save me.
        Only you!



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