The Wonder of a Whisper


At times it’s hard to hold your head high,
To keep the pain from showing,
But something in the soul whispers,
That what was found still is growing,
A whisper holds our hopes and dreams,
Holds happiness and holds smiles,
And in a whisper I clearly hear,
That love’s been here awhile.
In those moments of weakness,
When I’m tired of being alone,
In the back of my mind is that whisper,
And I recognize that voice is known,
My heart holds out open arms,
If I’m sad I hear her voice,
A whisper that’s sultry, soft and low,
And in that moment there is no choice.
Can just a whisper sustain us,
Be your refuge in any storm,
And in a cold and lonely bed,
Can that whisper keep us warm,
The memory of a whispered voice,
Brings smiles full of laughter,
Love lives in that whisper,
And isn’t love what we’re after.
That same whisper invades all my dreams,
Becomes the basis for my smiles,
And love never seems to fly away,
The hearts forever beguiled,
In moments when there is weakness,
That whisper becomes my strength,
As love becomes an endless string,
That through time just grows in length.
Falling tears by this whisper are dried,
While at times hope and faith grow thin,
But not so very long ago,
Was when love and this whisper begin,
It had it’s meager beginnings,
Yet it’s effect has been so profound,
And through the darkness of night time,
That whisper’s my only sound.
Just like others I’ve chased the dollars,
And I full know what that chase brings,
There’s no time left to experience love,
Or hear that whisper when it sings,
We might listen to the world around,
Or we might hear nature’s thunder,
But just love’s little whisper,
Fills our lives with wonder.

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