A Heart's Picture

To Marcy Howard

A picture, of, a smiling face;a light, inside, her eyes,
A sparkle, that reminds me;of cloudless, clear blue skies,
A piercing, on her right cheek;and belly button too,
And I, can see her, clearly;as the memories, come through.
With, the beauty of her face:there’s also, beauty, within,
And held, inside her arms;is the happiest, that I’ve been,
Every day, little things;remind me, of a touch, I miss,
And every night I look, for her;I, can feel, her kiss.
Her picture, goes to bed, with me;so each night, she’s close,
And she’s in, my arms again;so a nightmares not my host,
I need, the sparkle, of her eyes;I need, the beauty, of her soul,
For, all I am, in this life;she, is what makes me whole.
Her face, goes everywhere, I go;her aura’s, in my mind,
Though, my search, is over;it’s her, that my dreams find,
I need and love you, Marcy;the whole person, not just parts,
Maybe you, can’t, trust words, but, I know, what’s in, our hearts.



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