The sands of time slowly fall,
Each grain of sand a moment gone,
And looking for the missing heart,
Does the soul just ride along,
Can our eyes see anything,
Or is falling sand all we see,
And as that hourglass slowly drains,
When it’s gone who will we be.
Time might be our ally,
Yet time could be our foe,
And as the sand keeps falling,
In our hearts will it show,
Do our actions somehow become hurried,
As we watch the sand with dread,
Can we learn to trust our hearts,
Or is it lost inside our heads.
There is no ticking from a clock,
As we strain to hear the sound,
Of every moment passing,
With the missing piece not found,
Surely the opposite can be true,
We can know that person exists,
But because of time and cluttered minds,
We accept the heart resists.
We all have dreams of heaven,
But with that we accept there’s a hell,
And as the hourglass drops it’s sands,
What stories can it tell,
No matter where time may find us,
The heart still beats inside,
And every grain of sand that falls,
In the heart it does confide.
If we approach the time with consternation,
What happens to the natural flow,
Will all of our experiences,
Within this time, shrink or grow,
I guess the answer’s different,
It’s what’s important to you,
It’s not about the things possessed,
What things does the heart let through.
The things embedded in the heart,
And those things etched upon the soul,
Are the things combining with our dreams,
With the emotions time never stole,
Every grain of sand that falls,
Is a moment that passes by,
As the love that’s still alive for you,
Lives inside the eye.

January 29th, 2017

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