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This Silent Night

To Marcy Howard

Night falls on a tiny town,
With the sky starry and clear,
And as I watch a falling star,
I feel your presence near,
While this starry scene unfolds,
And my thoughts just swirl around,
These thoughts always center on you,
And all the things we found.
Though at times this silent scene,
Can be a lonely place,
The moon takes on another role,
A frame for your beautiful face,
The stars send their twinkling light,
A mirror of your sparkling eyes,
While there is no sound to hear,
Hope lives in this sky.
Though there is no outward sound,
In my mind I hear your voice,
As the stars become your smile,
And your lips my only choice,
Every night the scene replays,
Yet I’m left to watch alone,
As this silent movie,
Is a re-run nightly shown.
I listen for the sound I need,
But silence is what I find,
And silence can be deafening,
With your whisper in my mind,
The music that I need to hear,
Right now seems some lost tune,
For just the whisper of your voice,
Would change, this silent night’s moon.
     You and only you!



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