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You and Me

to Marcy Howard

As people, we try to analyze, things, not understood,
Thinking of, what we should do, and wondering, if we could,
But if always, looking for answers, we’ll never, have the time,
To see, those things important, to both, heart and mind.
Forever, may be a dream, but emotion, lives on and on,
And those feelings, I found with you, our silent, love song,
To hold, this feeling, deep inside, and let nobody see,
Is, a painful prison, with the bars, inside of me.
Though privacy, is a prison, it’s, inside security,
There are things, I understand, attached, to reality,
All my dreams, reside in you, my future, tied to yours,
Let this love carry you, to me, as my voice assures.
Together, we can conquer, achieve, those things, we desire,
As we work, towards happiness, love’s, what we require,
You might think, as things stand, there’s nothing, we can do,
But our hearts, found real love, and all I need is you,
There are, constant reminders, of things that went wrong,
But the things, that we discovered, are worthy, of a song,
Together, hand in hand, we found, our destiny,
Me, walking with you and you, walking with me.



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