Through all the many miles,
Through all the pleasure and pain.
Through all the misconceptions,
Through the fears that still remain,
Through the time that passes by,
Throgh the doubts and all the fears,
Through this endless torture,
Through an endless stream of tears.
Through the smouldering desert,
Through the forests and the rain,
Through the sand at the beach,
Through the thought Am I insane,
Through smiles and through laughter,
Through miles of open land,
Through all the things the heart requires,
Through what the soul demands.
Through loathing and through happiness,
Through all the guilt we’ve bought,
Through time and space surrounding us,
Through the answers that we’ve sought,
Through all the judgemental thinking,
Through all thw things we’ve heard,
Through the nightmares in the dark,
Through the thought of all the words.
Through all the many sleepless nights,
Through all the nightly dreams,
Through all the feeling lonely,
Through the soundless endless screams.
Through the utter darkness,
Through storms and clear blue skies,
Through all the obstacles in the way,
All, for the light in your eyes.

March 9th,2016

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