You're My Anywhere

To Marcy Howard

Your brown eyes hold tomorrows promise,
While your smile lights each day,
As the music of your voice,
Becomes my only way,
Your laughter is a gentle wind,
That whispers to my ears,
While your touch is my support,
I need to kill my fears.
Your caress massages a broken heart,
While your tears water this soul,
And every thing that you do,
Are the things that make me whole,
I have no need for nourishment,
While I remember the taste of your lips,
I hold every inch of you,
I even kiss your finger tips.
Your absence makes me silent,
But for you I’ll never give in,
As all the miles that I may go,
Without you I’ve never been,
Memories help us live and die,
Thoughts of you keep me alive,
As every night I count the stars,
Waiting for you to arrive.
Your presence is my medicine,
Its my one and only cure,
As I hold on to all of you,
And each day of you I’m sure,
A whisper on the telephone,
Call me and I’ll be there,
My heart and soul will follow you,
They’ll follow you anywhere.
    Only you!!



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