Time's True

To Marcy Howard

If you could travel back in time,
To what time would you go,
To a time you’ve never seen,
Or a time you’d like to know,
Would you go, to a time and place,
To prevent someone’s demise,
Or maybe you’d return to youth,
When life was our surprise.
If mistakes could be erased,
Would our futures then be changed,
I guess at times we all dream,
Of things we’d re arrange,
And though that thought has crossed my mind,
Would it mean our dreams come true,
And if the past was somehow made happier,
Would I have ever then met you.
Though pain exists inside our pasts,
Happiness lives there too,
So changing one thing good or bad,
Could make real love seem untrue,
I’ll take my chances with what I have,
Because inside I still hold you,
And just that thought, helps me understand,
That loving you, means my dreams came true.



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