Tomorrows Wings

To Marcy Howard

I thought I knew you very well, but is knowing you an impossible task,
As all the half truths that we told, just cemented on our masks,
We looked each other in the eyes, and saw that love was there,
But hidden behind those smouldering eyes, lives an angel who doesn’t dare.
Will those wings ever carry you, past the pitch black night,
Or do the scars that we hold, block out any light,
Every night I see your face, my dreams are where you reside,
But empty arms are nothing more, than the realization of love denied.
The halo perched upon your head, it seems is propped up by horns,
But that just makes me love you more, through all the heart forwarns,
In these nightly dreams you fly, an angel cloaked in fire,
Will you land in my arms, or will these flames just grow higher.
Wanting you is never an issue, while needing you seems a curse,
As loving you is forever, this play each day we rehearse,
Forgetting you can not happen, this heart doesn’t work that way,
Each day the love grows stronger, as we pretend another day.
Unfurl your wings and fly to me, angel or devil I don’t care,
No matter what the voices say, its you I need right here,
In my dreams you talk to me, though a whisper your voice clearly heard,
All you say I truly believe, as these dreams replay every word,
You live inside my very soul, and I strain to hear your wings,
And every night when you arrive, I hope you, are what tomorrow brings.
.            Found not lost.



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